IoT Platform

An enterprise-grade cloud software solution that provides the smart architecture and integrated IoT services necessary to orchestrate ‘Smart Spaces’ and manage constellations of devices

Brite Habitat

Building blocks to build an internet of things architecture that makes any space smarter: manage your assets, optimize operations and implement workflows informed by real-time data analytics

Smart Services

Transform your physical space into a digital environment and create custom services that add value by increasing productivity, space utilization, engagement, and more…


Technology Foundations


VizLore’s agile IoT platform optimizes physical spaces by capturing data streams from machinery, IT network and personal devices to create virtual sensors that provide real-time and predictive insight to take informed actions. It uses SDN fabric to connect, monitor and manage any connected assets while using advanced data analytics to distill behavioral and social patterns across the things, the network and the people using them, thus bridging physical and digital networks.

    • Works across many operating systems (openWRT, Linux, Android, iOS, RouterOS)
    • Zero touch deployment and configuration
    • Remote access, monitoring and rule definition
    • Custom whitelabeled App
    • Captive Portal
    • Social Login
    • Seamless roaming
    • Device whitelisting

What Sets Us Apart...

We are especially good at orchestrating Smart Spaces by managing constellations of devices with our Software Defined Network (SDN) – where there are many different devices & classes of users connected to one network.

This is valuable for managing Smart Spaces within today’s BYOD work & play environments and the digital sharing economy

Our solution can be applied to:

  • work spaces (office/co-working)
  • live spaces (residential MDUs, homes)
  • play spaces (stadiums, retail, signage)
  • go spaces (connected cars, trains & transportation pathways)
  • public spaces (city, parks)

Engineering Consultancy

We offer engineering consultancy services to help you integrate IoT intelligence into your products or infrastructure:

  • machinery
  • equipment
  • factory/plant
  • pipeline
  • highway
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Our friends at Cassidy+Wilson know good design: they won the competition ‘Workplace of the Future 2.0 Metropolis Magazine US/Business Interiors Staples’ which depicts a sustainable future workplace where people connect with the environment.

VizLore orchestrates workflows between objects, people, devices and files in a way that creates and optimizes spaces to increase wellbeing and productivity. We work with SQL, SharePoint, Linux, and Google Docs to facilitate custom workflow implementations.

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