What Sets Us Apart...

We are good at managing constellations of devices and many different classes of users connected to one network.

This is valuable for co-working environments, multi-family residences, and mixed use developments: where many people live, work and play together. 

Our solution is great for:

  • work spaces (corporate offices/co-working)
  • living spaces (multi-family, student)
  • entertainment (stadiums, retail, signage)
  • transit (connected cars, trains & transportation pathways)
  • public spaces (city, parks)


IoT Platform

An enterprise-grade cloud platform that provides the data infrastructure and integrated IoT services necessary to orchestrate ‘Smart Spaces’ and manage devices connected to the cloud.

Brite Habitat

Edge data infrastructure solutions that makes any space smarter: manage your assets with secure access control, indoor positioning, or implement workflows informed by real-time data analytics.

Smart Services

Transform your space through digital services that increase productivity, reduce energy consumption, utilize space better, enhance security, encourage engagement, and track results.

Introducing the NEW Universal IoE Controller

A device that bridges Bluetooth and EnOcean devices, sensors or actuators.

A whole new concept in the art of IoT automation: our Brite Habitat Internet of Everything (IoE) Controller offers the possibility to:

  • Bridge EnOcean devices, sensors and actuators to the cloud in order to allow off-site monitoring of data and remote management of devices, across an entire portfolio of locations, all in one place.
  • Implement bluetooth enabled solutions for presence and proximity detection. Pair it with digital signage for a revolutionary ad solution that delights users and tracks engagement metrics.

We partner with Google and Microsoft to offer solutions that can run on Azure and Google Cloud. We also consult on projects to help you integrate IoT intelligence into your  infrastructure:

  • machinery
  • equipment
  • factory/plant
  • pipeline
  • highway

Our friends at Cassidy+Wilson know good design: they won the competition ‘Workplace of the Future 2.0 Metropolis Magazine US/Business Interiors Staples’ which depicts a sustainable future workplace where people connect with the environment.

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